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Why you need a Key West Criminal Attorney

Why you need a Key West Criminal Attorney

By on May 1, 2014 in Criminal Blog | 0 comments

You are going up for criminal charges in court. It doesn’t matter if you really did the crime or if you are just accused of it, you need a Key West criminal attorney to help represent you. Some people think they can represent themselves, and that attorneys are reserved only for major cases. If you are facing jail or prison, fines or any other penalty, then you need a criminal attorney at your side. This post will detail everything an attorney can provide you during a case.

Knowledge and Experience

A good Key West criminal attorney will know everything about the law that concerns your case. It takes an individual days or even weeks of constant research to understand all of the laws governing their case, but a lawyer will already know the essential information, and thus will be very useful for proving your innocence or decreasing your charges.

The attorney will also be knowledgeable about past cases that might be similar to yours. This can help sway the judge and jury to remove or decrease your penalties.

Assess Case Variables

A large percentage of cases are actually thrown out because police officers, other attorneys or someone else in the proceeding did not follow through with the correct legal procedures. There is no way that an individual will have this specialized knowledge, but a criminal attorney might have all of your charges dropped based on improper proceedings.

The attorney also knows how to find people that can help with your case. For example, the attorney can find an expert witness that might be able to remove all of your charges.

Reduce Sentences

Sometimes there is no way for even the best attorney to make the jury find you innocent, but the attorney can still help. Attorneys know how to reduce sentences and strike bargains that will decrease your jail time or fines by a significant margin. While you might be able to strike these bargains if you represent yourself, the fact is that most prosecutors will not deal with individuals when it comes to bargaining.


If you are facing any sort of criminal penalty, then you need a Key West criminal attorney. Criminal attorneys are there to help reduce your penalties, or they can find problems with the prosecutor’s case that can get you off the hook without any time or fines. If you are going to criminal court, then seriously consider hiring an attorney to help your case. Otherwise, you might face some heavy penalties without anyone to help you.

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