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What a Key West Personal Injury Attorney Does

What a Key West Personal Injury Attorney Does

By on May 1, 2014 in Personal Injury Blog | 0 comments

A Key West personal injury attorney has many things to contend with, the least of which is the opposing attorney. There is all sorts of behind the scenes work required in order for them to do the best job and win you the highest settlement possible for your case.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. Well, let’s start with accident reconstruction. An attorney will have to work well the police department, obtaining the police report, and then hiring someone to help them reconstruct the accident, using not only the report, but eyewitness testimony, as well as your testimony about what happened.

This can be very time consuming, trying to get it all right, and making sense out of conflicting reports and a pile of twisted metal. It is important that they take into consideration road and weather conditions that may have made a difference in the accident itself, such as a driving rainstorm, high winds or bright blinding sunshine. Sometimes the key to what really happened lies in the way the sun was reflecting off an object, thus obscuring the drivers line of sight and causing an accident to occur.

The best Key West personal injury attorney will have a knowledgeable staff, complete with persons who know how to ask the right questions when interviewing potential witnesses. Sometimes it’s the question that doesn’t get asked that leads to trouble down the road in a court case.

What you never want to have happen in court is to ask a question you don’t know the answer to. That leaves you wide open for all sorts of things to pop up and wave their ugly head around. Proper interviewing of witnesses prior to the court date is just another one of those behind the scenes things your attorney will be taking care of for you.

Filing the proper paperwork at the proper time is another one of those behind the scenes things that people don’t give a thought to. Courts have many deadlines to make, and if one gets missed, then you run the risk of having your case thrown out of court before it ever gets close to a settlement. A good Key West personal injury attorney will have staff members dedicated to doing the paperwork, making sure that a deadline is never missed and that everything continues to run on schedule as best it can.

So remember – your attorney isn’t just sitting in their office raking in the cash. They are managing a staff of workers dedicated to doing the best job possible for you.

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